Effective selling is the  Key to  increasing your income in your business and impacting more lives!
Join us on June 19th, for a 3 hour (12pm-3pm pst) workshop and together we will:
  • Identify what the best sales people in different industries are saying (and what they aren't saying!)
  •  Create a repeatable sales system for your business.
  •  Live role playing & objection handling.
After training well over 300 coaches, real estate investors and sales professionals, I have identified the 4 most common points that you may be struggling in.

when done correctly, sales doesn't have to be uncomfortable, or high pressure. A great sales person uncovers a need and has the prospect wanting to buy before you ever have to "hard close".
Just learning 1 thing that I teach has the potential to double your income. (Bold statement? YUP!)

Gain the mindset and strategy to ethically sell your service.
Create a new empowering identity around your sales process.
 Close more sales, and more importantly help more people along the way.
secure Your seat Now!

Kody G.
P.S. : Even if you only learned just one tool to increase your communication and deepen your understanding of the subconscious mind, that would be worth it, wouldn't it?
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